Summer of 2020

Suffolk county was allowed to enter phase three reopening in June and phase four in early July. We’ve had a few socially distant raft-ups this summer. Better than nothing and proving to be a welcome and fun diversion. Our boats, like our homes are considered a “safe space” so we do tend to be off guard. Friends visit our cockpit, so long as they are six feet distanced-certainly possible on Risa and most of our friend’s boats as well. I cannot help but lament that this will go down as “the lost summer”. We continue to hope that Covid-19 will continue to stay quiescent here in NY, though it is raging in other parts of our country. Hopefully they will get it under control soon, too, but right now, it seems like an immunization may be the only way we return to normal.

We have no plans of any major cruising this season. Without the social aspect, I don’t really see any need to go to places that we have been to many times. Perhaps part of me is concerned that a visit to one of these wonderful places under these circumstances will taint my willingness to return there in the future as it will be unable to compare to trips of the past. One time, we had dinner group of 60 people at Ballards on Block Island!

I hope that 2021 proves a better season.