We had been using Optimum for our internet provider at home since it became available to us back in the 90’s. It always went down for a second here and there, but was tolerable until recently. The outages were growing. When we could no longer stream video without freezing, we began complaining. Of course, by the time a we called in, all was normal again. Their representatives blamed my system, which I was pretty sure was ok – since I could see all my local networked items, when the internet was not working. Optimum offered to allow me to pay for their man to come out and test our connection, to which, I informed them that the competition would not charge me to install new service. They did not budge, so we made good on our threat and switched to Verizon Fios. This solved our internet problems, streaming videos played without freezing! The house was happy, but all this left Risa without the internet connection (through Optimum wi-fi) that she had come to rely on for reporting her statistics. A cell phone, on an unlimited data plan, now provides all of that. I added a GL.iNet travel router, which can be programmed to use a tethered device for internet and voila! This router has a VPN client built-in, I plan to have it connect to my home router’s VPN server which will make the boat’s network part of my home network. Once complete, I will no longer need TeamViewer when I need to do local tweaks from home!