Application Report

It’s now September. The solar panel has kept the refrigerator running all season. On those rare days that the batteries were not at 100% by dusk, they were the next day. Most of these days have been since Labor Day. Seems there are more cloudy days and less hours of potential sunshine to boot. Soon, […]


We’re into the second week of our 2019 heat wave. They usually last about two weeks and it is forecast to break this coming week. I have found that overnight energy consumption has tripled during this period, presumably due to the refrigerator needing to run more to maintain temperature.  Before the heat wave, with much […]


On June 30, 2019 a severe squall pummeled our harbor. Many trees were ripped out of the ground. I saw one photo that looked like a twister. There were reports of 88 mph winds by one friend who rode the storm out with his boat on his mooring. Here are several pics that I pulled […]

The Internet

One of the perks of being an Optimum Cable customer is the relatively easy to find wifi hot spots. Risa was able to have a connection not only on her mooring, but even while sailing in the bay! A high power bridge and large omnidirectional antenna combination made this possible. This spring the optimum SSID […]

A Droning we will go!

Two years ago, I purchased a Splash Drone – this quadrocoptor could take off and land in water, yes even salt water!  Trying it out at home, found that there were too many trees around to learn to fly.  Once the replacement parts were installed and a new case arrived, off to the boat it […]

Da Fridge

Battery voltage was being reported slightly lower each morning.  There was a trend occuring that would eventually lead to a problem. The refrigerator was working too hard.  It seemed to run constantly.  It used to get frosty, accumulating a layer of ice when we cruised.  That hadn’t happened the last several years, but it had been […]

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